What the name Ragdoll means i think you knows best because your english speaking ,we call it cloathdoll.They called the cat like that because they are very relaxed.

The Ragdoll comes from California and it`a inbreed of a white Angora cat and a Birmaan Seal Point.They don`t really know if there are other species infolded.

An other story is that the American woman Ann Baker in the sixties ride over a cat with her car and toke the animal home with her.After rescue she noticed the she had special quality`s and her kittens had it too!' Scientist says this is rubbish

Ragdolls comes in three clear patterns: Bi-Color, Mitted and Colorpoints.and the four colors: Seal-Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac-Point. The Colourpoint has no white: the Mitted has white legs and a white stripe on the belly: the Bi-Colour has the most white,like on his chest formed like a V, in the face and the legs.